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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
September 11–12, 2019
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Wednesday, September 11

10:00 CEST

Get Your Helm Charts Out There! - Reinhard Nägele, codecentric AG
The new Helm Hub (https://hub.helm.sh) is the central place where anyone can register their own chart repositories for easy discoverability. This session shows how to set up your own charts repo using GitHub Pages. It illustrates how to configure CI for your charts using Kind (https://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/kind) and the chart-testing tool (https://github.com/helm/chart-testing) so you can install and test pull requests for your charts and, thus, build trust in your community that things work as expected. Finally, chart-releaser (https://github.com/helm/chart-releaser) is used to upload chart packages as GitHub releases and to create the index.yaml file for the charts repo.

avatar for Reinhard Nägele

Reinhard Nägele

Senior IT Consultant, codecentric AG
Reinhard is a Senior IT Consultant at codecentric's Munich office. He has more than 20 years of Java development experience and also likes programming in Go, Python, or Kotlin. He is a strong proponent of automation. In recent years, he has gained substantial knowledge in infrastructure... Read More →

Wednesday September 11, 2019 10:00 - 10:25 CEST

10:55 CEST

Ship It Faster, Safer & Cheaper - State of the Art of GitOps with Helm - Yusuke KUOKA, Z Lab Corporation
Let's build a highly customizable, cost-efficient, easily manageable CI & CD pipelines with Helm!

In this talk, we walk through a.) why we need CI & CD pipelines, important but unresolved problems, b.) what we would need exactly to rescue, and c.) how to build one yourself.

In the process you'll learn things like 1.) brief intro to GitOps, 2.) existing solutions, 3.) what are missing in the space, 4.) a proposed solution, 5.) theory behind it, and 6.) how Helm and its ecosystem helps.

Technologies and topics covered includes Helm, its plugins, Helmfile, Brigade, "The end of Kustomize vs Helm argument", and so on.

Through this talk, you are expected to get more confidence in the problems you have, what options are available, and how to choose one(or even build another!).

avatar for Yusuke KUOKA

Yusuke KUOKA

Research & Development Engineer, Z Lab Corporation
Yusuke Kuoka is a R&D engineer at Z Lab Corporation, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan!. Z Lab is leading Kubernetes adoption in Japan, and providing hundreds-clusters-scale on-prem Kubernetes-as-a-Service(KaaS) for Yahoo! Japan. He's one of developers of KaaS today. He also led the design... Read More →

Wednesday September 11, 2019 10:55 - 11:20 CEST

11:30 CEST

Helm for Anybody – Combining ChatOps and Declarative Configurations - Jonathan Striebel, Scalable Minds GmbH
ChatOps enables interactions with Helm for anybody in your team. Combined with the power of declarative configurations and CI tooling this allows changing infrastructure with confidence. In this presentation, Jonathan Striebel will show how ChatOps can balance between automation and manual control for deployments. The proposed solution, based on helmfile, git and Slack, enables everybody to control their Helm setup easily, having high automation while still preserving granular observability and control.

avatar for Jonathan Striebel

Jonathan Striebel

Software Engineer, scalable minds GmbH
Jonathan Striebel is an experienced consultant, software engineer and speaker from scalable minds. With his DevOps attitude he teaches how to modernize large industry projects to use scalable and maintainable infrastructure stacks, or does so himself. Besides developing infrastructure... Read More →

Wednesday September 11, 2019 11:30 - 11:55 CEST
IJ Zaal

11:30 CEST

Introducing Flux Helm Operator, a GitOps Approach to Helm Operations - Stefan Prodan, Weaveworks
GitOps is a way to do Continuous Delivery, it works by using Git as a source of truth for declarative infrastructure and workloads. For Kubernetes this means using git push instead of helm install/upgrade.

Weave Flux is an open source tool that automatically ensures that the state of a cluster matches the config in git. The Flux Helm Operator provides an extension to Weave Flux that automates Helm chart releases. A chart release is described through a Kubernetes custom resource named HelmRelease. The Flux daemon synchronises these resources from git to the cluster, and the Flux Helm operator makes sure Helm charts are released as specified in the resources.

In this talk, Stefan will discuss the benefits of GitOps and how the Flux community built the Helm Operator. Stefan will demo a GitOps pipeline and perform Helm operations with git commands.

avatar for Stefan Prodan

Stefan Prodan

Principal Engineer, Weaveworks
Stefan is a Developer Experience engineer at Weaveworks and an open source contributor to cloud-native projects like Flagger, FluxCD, Helm Operator, SMI and others. He worked as a software architect and a DevOps consultant, helping companies embrace DevOps and the SRE movement. Stefan... Read More →

Wednesday September 11, 2019 11:30 - 11:55 CEST

13:25 CEST

Automated Helm Deployment Using Custom Controllers and Operators - Pauline Lallinec, Workday
This talk is presenting two ways to recover from an unsuccessful Helm release deployment, showcasing Helm automation and resilience. The talk will present both a custom Kubernetes controller, as well as leveraging a community developed Helm operator.

avatar for Pauline Lallinec

Pauline Lallinec

Software Engineer, Workday
Pauline Lallinec is a software engineer on the public cloud engineering team at Workday, where she works on building a cloud provider-agnostic platform and infrastructure solutions for hundreds of microservices. Pauline talked about Istio, Helm, CRDs, and operators at various conferences... Read More →

Wednesday September 11, 2019 13:25 - 13:50 CEST
IJ Zaal
Thursday, September 12

16:05 CEST

Day 2 Operations of Helm Charts - Dex Horthy, Replicated, Inc
Helm install is just the beginning. Once a chart is installed, we need to know when new versions are available, review the change and assess the risk (is it a major, minor or patch?), assess the priority (is this a security patch?), and then deploy and test the update. This talk proposes a workflow and shows an OSS framework built on the Replicated Ship project that helps reduce the manual work (toil) involved with updating and operationalizing charts. We’ll see that with a little work up front, operators can greatly reduce the cost and toil involved in Day 2 Operations of Helm.

avatar for Dex Horthy

Dex Horthy

Core Engineer, Replicated, Inc
Dex is a core engineer at Replicated, where he has helped hundreds of companies deploy and consume Kubernetes based applications. Additionally, Dex is a core contributor to several OSS projects including Replicated Ship. Replicated is a platform for cloud-native applications to distribute... Read More →

Thursday September 12, 2019 16:05 - 16:30 CEST